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Morelos - History, Sights and Travel Information.
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Aquatic Parks

Thanks to its marvelous weather, Morelos has achieved a world class aquatic parks a direct result of the geographical position, and many rivers, lakes, water springs, and lagoons. This combined with mindfull development of many aquatic resorts and parks has made Morelos the best water fun destination in Mexico.
With short distances and the easy access to the State, you will experience how rest, fun, water, sun, nature, music and games combine to offer you really great holiday


Enjoy the nature and an exciting adventure practicing the adventure or ecological tourism thruout the State. There are 100s of options to experience unforgettable moments:
Adventure, culture, nature and sport combine to make one unforgetable holiday.
You can cross forests and valleys by bike, climb beautiful mountains, ride a horse, kayak through the Amacuzac river, fly in light airplanes or practice a safe parachutting with experts just minutes from the hotel.

Cultural Tourism

Morelos has been witness of important passages of Mexican History, accomplishing to keep a great cultural property present along its territory and waiting to be discovered.

Prehispanic vestiges are still present in its archeological zones and museums that reflect the power, the tradition, the mysticism and the wisdom of the agent indigenous civilizations developed in regions such as Xochicalco, Teopanzolco, Tepozteco, Las Pilas, Chalcatzingo, Olintepec y Coatetelco, inside the more than 800 discovered zones in Morelos.

For further information..Gobierno del Estado de Morelos, Secretaría de Turismo.


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